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“Jennifer is an exceptionally skilled practitioner and the work is a combination of cultivated practice and natural intuitive psychic ability.”

Lisa D. Austin, TX

“I felt spiritually wrinkle free after a session with Jennifer.”

Wren F. 42

“Jennifer’s my teacher, mentor and guide….her work has proven to me, how much more there is to explore and experience, that leads to deeper happiness and peace.”

John W. 57

“The depth of Jennifer’s communications is absolutely extraordinary, she is exceptional and profound…I trust her completely.”

Cheryl C. Warwick, New York

“I count of Jennifer, her guidance always brings a sense of “rightness” to my life, I trust her completely.”

Sherri G. 31

Intuitive psychic readings offer the perspective to gain greater clarity and understanding about your life and relationships. Receive intuitive guidance for a deeper personal understanding of your place in the cosmos.  Jennifer is a wise accurate and attentive professional intuitive and psychic energy coach. Experiencing a session with Jennifer is like being given a treasure map with clues to relevant life themes and truths:  perspectives on love patterns and  relationships, geographic destiny designs, deeper personal gifts and themes from your present and past lives.  Experience her work to renew and restore your life path. She will illuminate points of view with intuitive psychic information that provides you insight and details; frequently healing conflicts by illuminating the essence of your “life stories”. She offers spiritual wisdom with a direct, often humorous style.  Her readings are suited to people of all ages, including children.

Jennifer’s  readings are for anyone interested in spiritual growth, awareness and peace of mind.

Can include details on energetic contracts, career and relationship dynamics. Also good for existing clients wanting to check-in and realignment, motivating and encouraging for navigating life issues and challenges.

Receive weekly half hour coaching sessions over a four week period. Cost includes e-mail support and a 30 minute follow up session during the 5th week.

Purchase a gift certificate of $100 + and Jennifer will gift the Gifter! Enjoy your own 15 minute session!